Jet engine, dial indicator and more

Let’s try,

Today I have been working in a couple things. The 3D printed jet engine for my little cousin, it is a model from thingiverse, I have used two different makerbot replicartors dual to have ¬†different colours, and in this case materials. The green parts are ABS, they come out with a very good quality and just some lines from the raft union to peel off. It has .2mm layer height but because of the enclosure ambient and the temperature it bonds as good that can’t see the layers. Temps are 110C for the bed and 240 for the nozzle and just 20mm/s speed so the tinny blades came out well. The black parts are PLA, same speed, but much cooler, I found that it works incredible well at 160C and the bed at 60C, because the printer doesn’t have a fan dedicated to blow air to the nozzle I need to use a home full fan to cool down the PLA really fast and avoid wrinkles… I have some PC case fans but no time to make them a support.

The indicator was printed for testing and dimensions with the intention of modified and adapt it to my Prusa i3. It come out pretty good but not has good as the makerbots. I need to spend some time with my Prusa as since it was  put together have been pretty busy in the university.

This blog is a experiment for something bigger that I would like to do in the future. It also will be used as a way to practice my writing skills as they have… How to say this… A big margin of improvement. So if you find weird/non sense sentences and you want to collaborate with my learning process, you are welcome to help.

See you later, alligator.